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12 September 2013 @ 07:46 pm

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Hey... =D

So... I was creative over the past few days and did some icons for several different fandoms... playing around with brushes and textures... =) Comments would be very nice if there's something you like =D

Arrow (25), Grey's Anatomy (15), Reign (20), Switched at Birth (10), The Carrie Diaries (5), Teen Wolf (8), The Originals (62)

I have to say: There is NO Klaus in my "The Originals" Icons, because I simply don't like him, so if you looking for something containing Klaus, you're wrong... But there's a LOT of Elijah and Hayley/Elijah ;-)
Also, the "Carrie Diaries" Icons are Walt/Bennet ONLY and contain spoilers for 2x02
The "Reign" Icons are HIGHLY Spoilery for Episode 1x03, so if you haven't seen it and don't wanna be spoiled, you better NOT click!
The "Arrow" Icons are mostly from the last 2 episodes, so also kind of spoilery!
With everything else, you should be more or less safe... =)

All 145 Icons here in my graphic journal bmshipper_arts
36x Grey's Anatomy (Season 9 until finale, HEAVY SPOILERS if you haven't seen the Season)
60x The Following (mostly Jacob/Paul and Mike/Ryan and some "only" Mike and "only" Ryan)


All 96 icons if you *CLICK* and follow the fake cut to my graphic journal bmshipper_arts
26 August 2012 @ 11:41 pm
54x Jesse Williams
28x Justin Chambers
22x Sarah Drew

35x Michael Ealy
32x Warren Kole
10x Michael Ealy&Warren Kole
181 Total


*CLICK* to see all 181 icons over in my graphic journal bmshipper_arts
23 November 2012 @ 07:12 pm
[01-16] Pretty Little Liars
[17-31] The Vampire Diaries
[32-52] Grey's Anatomy

More here 

Find the whole table over in my graphic journal bmshipper_arts
65x White Collar
30x Alex/April (Grey's Anatomy)
15x Mark/Jackson (Grey's Anatomy)
01x Callie/Arizona (Grey's Anatomy)

35x Common Law (all Wes/Travis)
146 Total


All the 146 icons over in my graphic journal bmshipper_arts
Hey... :-)

So after all what's been going on in my private life (that literally killed my creative muse) I kinda "got it back" - claimed another character for [info]tvcrush20in20 and seriously managed to finished it... it seems like "Grey's Anatomy" is the only fandom I can icon/write/create anything about at the moment... and I don't even know why... but yeah... I think I didn't do all too bad ;-)

My claim was "Mark Sloan" and I put a lot of effort into the icons, so I hope, you like them! Comments (even critique) would be nice =)


The whole "Mark Sloan" table over in my graphic journal [info]bmshipper_arts
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20 May 2012 @ 11:57 pm
22 game of thrones
.09 fringe
.10 grey's anatomy
.17 on the road
.02 snow white and the huntsman
.21 cosmopolis
.25 kristen stewart
.21 robert pattinson
.01 rob & kristen

here @ krimson
Heya... ;-)

So I have claimed 3 batches of "20in20" icons (I really need some distraction right now) and the first one for [info]tvcrush20in20 is finished... I claimed "Grey's Anatomy" for this round... first I claimed "Jackson Avery", but then I decided I wanted to make icons from each and everyone of them, since there were just so many awesome scenes in the last few episodes, so that I changed my mind (which was possible - fortunately), so yeah...

I mostly focused on the friendships in the show, like Meredith/Cristina, Alex/Morgan, Mark/Jackson (OF COURSE XD) and also April/Jackson and others... ;-) Hope, you like my icons! =)