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05 November 2013 @ 10:33 pm
145 Multi-Fandom Icons: Grey's Anatomy, Reign, SaB, Carrie Diaries, Teen Wolf, The Originals  
Hey... =D

So... I was creative over the past few days and did some icons for several different fandoms... playing around with brushes and textures... =) Comments would be very nice if there's something you like =D

Arrow (25), Grey's Anatomy (15), Reign (20), Switched at Birth (10), The Carrie Diaries (5), Teen Wolf (8), The Originals (62)

I have to say: There is NO Klaus in my "The Originals" Icons, because I simply don't like him, so if you looking for something containing Klaus, you're wrong... But there's a LOT of Elijah and Hayley/Elijah ;-)
Also, the "Carrie Diaries" Icons are Walt/Bennet ONLY and contain spoilers for 2x02
The "Reign" Icons are HIGHLY Spoilery for Episode 1x03, so if you haven't seen it and don't wanna be spoiled, you better NOT click!
The "Arrow" Icons are mostly from the last 2 episodes, so also kind of spoilery!
With everything else, you should be more or less safe... =)

All 145 Icons here in my graphic journal bmshipper_arts