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04 June 2012 @ 11:19 pm
20 "Mark Sloan" Icons for tvcrush20in20 & 36 Alternatives  
Hey... :-)

So after all what's been going on in my private life (that literally killed my creative muse) I kinda "got it back" - claimed another character for [info]tvcrush20in20 and seriously managed to finished it... it seems like "Grey's Anatomy" is the only fandom I can icon/write/create anything about at the moment... and I don't even know why... but yeah... I think I didn't do all too bad ;-)

My claim was "Mark Sloan" and I put a lot of effort into the icons, so I hope, you like them! Comments (even critique) would be nice =)


The whole "Mark Sloan" table over in my graphic journal [info]bmshipper_arts
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